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Pre and Post Flight Checklists

These are things you will want to check every time you fly your helicopter, before take-off and after you’re done flying. Little things like these will make sure you get the most out of your WebRC Helicopter.

Preflight - The most important thing is to make sure you turn on the controller(remote) first and after the controller is on, turn on the helicopter. - Set the helicopter on a flat surface and then turn it on. This is to make sure the gyro knows what “stable” is. If you move it around after turning the heli on you might throw the gyro off-balance. - Make sure you are flying on a fully charged battery.

Post Flight (After a harsh landing or full on crash) - Make sure you turn off the helicopter and then turn off the controller. - Check the balance bar can move as freely as possible. - Make sure the connection buckles are connected to both ends of it (top and bottom). - Check for dings on blades. Check for cracks. Replace blades if necessary. - Check the top blades, bottom blades, and rear blade. Make sure they are spinning freely. You should be able to easily make them spin with your fingers. Look for hair and remove if found.

Go through these checklists before and after your next flight. Doing so will make sure your RC helicopter lives a long life and you spend the minimum amount of money necessary on parts.