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How To Fly 3 Channel RC Helicopter

Learn the controls

First of all, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the controls of your rc toy helicopter.

1st Channel: Push the left joystick up for take off and to increase altitude. Push it down to decrease altitude and landing. Practice take off, landing and hovering by playing with the left joystick.

2nd Channel: Push the right joystick to the left to rotate counter-clockwise. Push it to the right to rotate clockwise.

3rd Channel: Push the right joystick up to fly forward. Push it down to fly backward.

The Trim: The trim will allow you to adjust for unwanted rotation after take off. Be prepared to use the trim after take-off.

Recommended environment

Make sure you are indoors in a large room with all the fans, ac, and electronics turned off. Also make sure there is absolutely no wind coming in through a door or window.

Let’s fly

After familiarizing yourself with the controls and making sure you are in the right environment to fly your rc toy helicopter, you can get ready for take-off.

  1. Put brand new batteries in the controller and fully-charge your helicopter.
  2. Place the helicopter on the ground with its tail pointing towards you.
  3. Turn on the helicopter and then turn on the controller.
  4. Pointing the controller at the rc toy helicopter push up the left control lever (throttle) and let go (or push down) several times until the controller and helicopter are in sync. You will know they are in sync because the helicopter will start reacting to the throttle. Do not take off until you are 100% sure the controller and rc toy helicopter are in sync. Now we are ready for take off.
  5. Increase throttle until helicopter rises 2 feet (60cm) above floor.
  6. Adjust throttle so the helicopter stays at this height.
  7. When helicopter does not stay in one place, you may need to adjust trim to adjust stability. Always land the helicopter and make trim adjustment when the helicopter is not easy to control.