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XDrone’s Power Selector


Knowing how to adjust your XDrone’s power level is necessary if you want to fly outdoors or do flips/barrel-rolls.

What and how

L1 is the button on the top-left corner of the controller. By default (every time you turn on the controller) the XDrone will be on power level 1 (40%). Press L1 to change the power level. There are three different power levels available: Power Level 1 (40% power), Power Level 2 (70% power), and Power Level 3 (100% power).

Remember this

(Press L1 to change power level.)

-Power Level 1 (40% power)

-Power Level 2 (70% power)

-Power Level 3 (100% power)


Now you know how to use L1 (aka the power selector). If you haven’t read through our lesson on how to fly the XDrone please give it a quick read before flying the XDrone for the first time. If you’ve already gone through it then make sure you practice and then check out our lesson on how to do flips and barrel-rolls.